IF&E Chair’s Awards

The IF&E chair would like to award contributed submissions within the industrial program and a total of six (6) IF&E Chair's awards will be given during the course of the conference:
  • IF&E chair’s award for Tutorial
  • IF&E chair’s award for Workshop
  • IF&E chair’s award for Panel
  • IF&E chair’s award for Poster
  • IF&E chair’s award for Demo
  • IF&E chair’s award for Topics/tracks

Award ceremony:
  • Panel, poster and demo awards will be announced on-site after sessions end on Wedndesday.
  • Tutorial and workshop will be posted on the website after the conference.

ICEC Award

The Industry Content and Exhibition Committee (ICEC) of the IEEE Communications Society would like to award the Organizer(s) of a selected Industry Panel session (via submission), at GLOBECOM 2015. The awardee(s) will be notified at the conclusion of the Industry Panel Program on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, to receive a silver cup.

The criteria for selection will be primarily based on the total number of participants at the beginning and the end of the Industry Panel session. Fair on-site reactions and comments from participants, and the IF&E Committee's input will also be considered to break the tie.