Startup Entrepreneur Panel

IEEE GLOBECOM 2015 will be hosting a startup entrepreneur panel on

Monday, December 7 2015 - 16:30 to 18:15
Room: Sapphire 400

The focus of the panel will be on two types of entrepreneurs (1) professionals considering entering the startup world, and (2) tech entrepreneurs who are looking for more "how to" information. The six panelists will present and discuss on the topics of: entrepreneurs, the startup ecosystem/lean startup, and funding.

Organized by 
  • Enrique Monteagudo, Michael Bryant and Upkar Dhaliwal from IEEE San Diego Section
Chaired by
  • Enrique Monteagudo, IEEE San Diego Section
  • Behzad Mohebbi
  • Peter Atwal
  • Bernhard Schroeder
  • Navrina Singh
  • Derek Footer
  • Eric Gasser

Entrepreneur Speakers

Dr. Behzad Mohebbi CEO & President
nCore Communications

Before co-founding nCore Communications, Behzad Mohebbi led a product management group at Qualcomm’s research division. Prior to Qualcomm, Behzad was the CTO of his first startup, Nextivity, where he developed a revolutionary technology known as CelFi. Previously, Behzad worked on various cellular communications systems in large companies such as Motorola, Fujitsu, and small start ups such as Morpho Technologies. Behzad has contributed a number of features to cellular systems, with the most notable one known as SSTD (Site Selection Transmit Diversity). Behzad has over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry and has more than 70 patents. Behzad earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds and was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at several UK universities.

Peter Atwal
Serial entrepreneur Technology, Media, Telecommunications

Peter Atwal is a Managing Director and member of the Advanced Technology Group at inCode. He brings with him a wealth of experience in business and technology spanning a 25+-year career developing and implementing technology strategies for hi-tech products with an emphasis on the mobile industry. Prior to inCode he successfully founded 2 start-ups and was the President of the largest fixed wireless telecom carrier by assets in the US, contributed to LTE and Wi-Fi standards development, is a former partner in 2 venture funds (founded 13 start- ups), and author of 13 US patents. Peter has founded 16 companies in wireless, optics, OSS and Media. His deep expertise in Technology, Software and Telecommunications includes a role as a VC partner, responsible for 2 liquidity events. He has extensive connections in the DOD, VC and PE industries and public BOD experience. Former memberships include: Overseer of the Institute for International Research, founding member of TM Forum (when it was called the Network Management Forum), OMG and T1M1. Peter has a BSc. (Honors) in Computer Science from Queen Mary College, London University has over 15 years of experience in developing and marketing wireless services.

Startup ecosystem/Lean startup Speakers

Bernhard Schroeder
Director Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, San Diego State University

Bernhard Schroeder brings over 20 years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience both as a Senior Partner in a global integrated marketing agency and as a former Chief Marketing Officer on the client side. Today, Bernhard is the Director of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center Programs at San Diego State University and he oversees all of the centers undergraduate and graduate experiential programs. He has worked with hundreds of start-ups in San Diego, on and off the campus, is a strategic advisor to several start-ups and is quoted frequently in both local and national media and has spoken at TEDx events. He is also teaches several entrepreneurship courses (Creativity and Innovation, Entrepreneurship Fundamentals, Business Model/Plan Development for Entrepreneurs) within the College of Business Administration at San Diego State University. His first book, Fail Fast or Win Big was released in February 2015.

Navrina Singh
Director Product Management and head of Qualcomm ImpaQt (Qualcomm’s global innovation program).

A leader in the field of mobile technologies for more than 12 years and a key architect of Qualcomm’s global innovation vision, Navrina Singh spearheads ImpaQt to discover, develop and commercialize mobile technology breakthroughs. In this role, Singh is also responsible for creating, managing and operationalizing the corporate-­‐wide innovation incubator with a mission to serve as a catalyst for creating global connections for innovative ideas to flourish and develop to impact future technology, product roadmaps and patent portfolio for Qualcomm. Singh also led the charter for Qualcomm@EvoNexus the business incubator of CommNexus™, a leading non-­‐profit high-­‐tech trade organization based in San Diego. Singh is also driving robotics SIG group at CommNexus San Diego, focused on a powerful vision of making San Diego the world’s capital for robotics technologies. Singh is an avid supporter and advisor of startup incubators, volunteering in business plan competitions, hackathons and educational workshops related to technology evangelization and business practices.

Funding Speakers

Derek Footer, Esq.
CEO and Managing Partner of HardTech Labs

Derek Footer is CEO and Managing Partner of HardTech Labs, an investment fund and manager of HardTech Labs Life, a multi-disciplinary, applied sciences accelerator based in San Diego. He was Managing Partner of Origo Ventures, a seed stage venture capital fund investing in Latin American technology companies, and founded both BlueLake Media Corp., a broadcaster of European premier league soccer in North America and JardineFooter, Inc., an Internet consultancy founded in Chile. He served as Vice President for Content at OpenTV and the head of DirecTV Latin America’s interactive television group. He is a Board Member and General Counsel for Hands United for Children. He has a J.D. from Boston University School of Law and a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Eric Gasser
VP Hi-Tech Screening and Board Member at Tech Coast Angels San Diego; and Co-Founder Seed San Diego

Currently Eric Gasser is the Vice President of Hi-Tech Screening with Tech Coast Angels, San Diego. He donates his time to the San Diego Start-Up Ecosystem in variety of ways with a focus on early stage pre-revenue companies. Tech Coast Angels (TCA) is the most active network of angel investors in the US comprising 5 chapters and over 350 members located across southern California. Prior to moving to San Diego, Eric held a variety of sales leadership roles in the hospitality industry. He also worked at start-up companies focused on delivering web based solutions for both the travel and enterprise sales sectors.


Enrique Monteagudo, Esq.
Founder, Privateer Lounge Innovation Center; and Legislative Affairs Committee Chair, IEEE San Diego

Enrique Monteagudo is a registered patent attorney with over 10 years corporate and law firm practice (Kyocera Wireless Corp., I.S.E., and Procopio). Enrique is also the founder of Privateer Lounge Innovation Center (PLiC). PLiC is the first and only coworking space for tech entrepreneurs/professionals/startups south of downtown San Diego. PLiC is also an entrepreneur hub dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs and fostering the tech startup ecosystem in the South Bay area of San Diego County and the greater binational region. Currently, Enrique heads the Legislative Affairs Committee for the IEEE San Diego Section. He has a J.D. from University of San Diego School of Law, a B.S. from the University of California, San Diego, and is a San Diego native.