STEM K-12 Outreach

This program will center on a half day of fun and informational activities in association with the IEEE Globecom 2015.

The focus day for this activity will be Tuesday afternoon 8th Dec 2015 at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel San Diego.

This program is being done in conjunction with the IEEE San Diego Section.

The IEEE San Diego Section It is a volunteer operating unit under the management of the IEEE, a 501(c)(3) organization, that engages retired and employed engineers, scientists and teachers, university students and other professionals in enhancing the STEM learning of students in grades 4-8, stimulating their interest in STEM subjects, and inspiring them to pursue studies and future careers in STEM subjects. The Section has an active K-12 Pre-college programs and engagements with the local community like Del Mar Science Fair and San Diego Regional Science and Engineering Fair

13:15-13:30 - School party arrives by School bus
14:00-15:45 - Attend either EF-2: Data center networking and cloud computing or IF20: Data explosive usage by smartphones
16:15-18:00 - Coffee Break and tour on exhibit floor and attend either Lighting Talk or IF14: Wearables devices
18:15 -          - Finish School party leaves site 1815
  • Goals for the program are as follows:
    • To introduce students to importance of Communication Technology (technology/careers/networking) through a Science, Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) focused “day at a conference” experience.
    • To integrate university/industry educational engagement with technical speakers, hands-on activities, informational tables, and a tour of the show floor (exhibition).
    • To create an opportunity for quality interaction between possible future engineers/scientists, practicing engineers and college students set in the dynamic and engaging form of an international engineering event.
  • Target Audience:
    • Motivated high school age students, with an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). In addition, we would like to involve a pool of 5 to 10 high school/middle school teachers in the program. The program is open (to children of Globecom attendees traveling with parents), as well as students from local Sweetwater high school district.
  • Requirements:
    • All participants need so submit an application and a parental release form. Participants must able to commit a half day to the planned activities.